Sleep Challenge Day 9

Day 9 – 3 reasons why you shouldn’t exercise in the evening


When the sun rises increasing temperature and light, it signals the body to release cortisol hormone giving you the energy to get up and get going making it the most ideal time to exercise.

When the sun sets, decreasing temperature and light, it signals the body to lower cortisol and to release the sleep hormone melatonin making it the least ideal time to exercise.

Based on this rhythm, exercising in the evening time can:
☝️ Spike your cortisol levels
🦉 Make you a night owl
⚖️ Disrupt the rest of you hormone balance

Which can contribute to anxiety, weight gain, low energy and eventually more serious health issues. To feel your best, aim to exercise in the morning and be asleep by 10pm most nights of the week!

You can still join the #10by10sleepchallenge!!!

The goal of the challenge is to be asleep by 10pm ten nights in a row. Sleep is something everyone can do that doesn’t require any special foods, tools or resources, and with most places being shut down for #quarantine and #socialdistancing there’s no excuse to stay up, so why not get to bed early and take this time to boost your health.

Everyone who participates in the challenge will be entered to win an assortment of essential oils to promote rest with some tips as well as a free 30 minute sleep consultation from Leslie at Peace x Piece Wellness Coaching.

Here’s how you can participate to win:
👉 Post proof of being in bed by 10pm each day in your feed or story
(example: screenshot a sleep tracker, clock or selfie with a timestamp)
👉 Tag me in your daily feed or story post
👉 Use the hashtag #10by10sleepchallenge in your post
👉 Optional: Tag friends in your post for extra entry points!

A winner will be selected by Friday, April 10th.

Newbies are you game? Let me know if you are below 👇 and tag an accountabili-buddy to do the challenge with you!


P.S. Remember to save 📌 this post for future reference to support your health and keep track of your rested level upon waking (scale 1-10) to monitor your progress 😉

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