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Find Peace…In Your Morning Routine

So, I’ve always been a big morning person…This is the time of day where I can energize and plan for the day. It is also a time of quietness and reflection, where I can meditate and clear my mind. I really feel a loss when I miss this part of my day and have to launch right into the schedule of the day.

Why is having a morning routine important?

  • Sets the tone for the day.
  • Helps you to start with some healthy choices like drinking a large glass of water, exercising,  meditating, or praying.
  • Supports a conscious choice to not dive into those email requests and rather spend time on how you will actively segment your day to focus on specific goals for the day.
  • Increases  productivity because rather than diving right into the day, you can reflect and prioritize the day to actively control your schedule.
  • Allows time to focus on what’s important and defer those tasks that don’t add value.
  • You can choose to tackle the most important goal for the day first to make sure it gets done.
  • May help reduce anxiety by creating feeling of being more in control of your time.
  • You may find it’s the most creative part of your day, starting with a refreshed, clear mind after a good night’s sleep.
  • Planning versus reacting to what life throws your way provides more meaning to your life and time to reflect on goals and life direction.
  • Just an hour of a morning routine can provide wonders to the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

It’s time to experiment and find an ideal morning routine that works for you. There’s a ton of easy and quick things to choose from to get yourself ready to conquer your day. So, find peace in your morning routine!

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