Packages & Pricing

What do you get?

Peace x Piece (PxP) offers several packages from you to choose from to approach your journey to wellness. These sessions are conducted through a secure online telehealth application. You will need a client account once signing up for a package. Peace x Piece packages can be paid for with a discount provided for an upfront in full payment. Credit cards/PayPal/Stripe are the preferred forms of payment. Individual sessions are not offered to new clients other than the discovery consultation, as your journey to health and wellness will take a number of sessions.

PxP Discovery Session

Let’s get started! Here’s a free 45-minute session with me to learn more about your, share and answer questions about coaching, discuss my Peace x Piece packages and learn about what you can expect from coaching and what is required from you. The call offers an opportunity to see if we could work well together to achieve your desired health goals.

PxP Premier Peace Package

PxP Gold Peace Package

PxP Silver Peace Package

PxP Piece Package