How does it work?

Go From Pain to Peace Using my PxP System

Here’s my system using PEACE Principles and the 4-Piece PxP Method:

PEACE Principles:

P=Peace is a journey and going from pain to peace is a process. In this journey, it is important for you to invest in getting unstuck in your pain to moving forward towards peace. Understand that addressing pain and getting to peace is both a process and journey and not a simple fix it.

E=Essence of yourself is important to bring to coaching sessions and communication with others. This means showing up authentically. Openness to explore your internal character strengths will serve to bring your essence forward and can support you to achieve your health goals. Essence of essential oils and herbals may also bring essence to healing and pain relief.

A=Assessment, specifically self-assessment is important to understand where you have been and where you are presently. Assessment may include both subjective (pain and stress scales) and objective assessment (labs).

C=Connection to yourself and others is critical to nurture relationships. Willingness to connect with yourself and others by communicating honestly but tactfully can help promote authentic connections. Authentic connections can restore your personal integrity and help you to move forward in your health journey.

E=Empathy is essential both to self as self-empathy (self-compassion) and empathy to others. Being willing to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself when you are not achieving your goals or have taken a step backwards is important to being able to put negative talk behind you to move forward. Empathy can be encouraged with mindfulness techniques and developing perspective through coaching.

The 4-Piece PxP Method:

  • Document your history and your “why”.
  • Test, don’t guess.
  • Set goals using the SMART technique.
  • Evaluate your progress, outcomes, and re-adjust or develop new goals.

Here’s how implementing the PxP System works:

If you are feeling the effects of aging and experiencing inflammation and arthritis pain, I can help you with my PxP system which includes the 4-Piece methodology and PEACE approach to pain so that you can :

Feel Better: You will learn how to assess and record your pain and stress and gain increased awareness about what triggers, aggravates, mediates, or alleviates your pain or stress. You’ll be more mentally present as you look to ways to reduce pain and stress other than just medications which can contribute to brain fog or other side effects or toxicities. You’ll be more mindful of what activities do or don’t work for you and how to modify.

Move Better: You will learn and implement strategies that will help you achieve more flexibility and agility to that you can participate in more physical and social activities so that you can get out of the house more.

Live better: You will move from being stressed, in pain and hopeless, to finding more passion and meaning in your life through identifying what is most important to you. To do this, you’ll identify realistic goals and take steps to achieve them. I’ll help you tap into your innate strengths to help you along your journey.

Coaching is Online

I provide coaching services online through a secure web-based telehealth application. You will need to set up an account and download the application. All intake forms, documents, shared documents are stored in this application. When it’s time for the session, it just takes pressing a button to connect to the video session. Secure payments are also made for the services you choose via the app.

The Piece Packet-Client Intake

I will send you select questionnaires endorsed by the Institute of Functional Medicine such as a Medical Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ) to assess and evaluate the various pieces of health and wellness that may be opportunities for you to choose to focus on. We will review your personal history and timeline. These will need to be completed in advance of our coaching sessions.

The Peace Packet-Client Resources and Tools

I provide you with tools or resources which may help you move forward in driving actions to improve your health and wellness. Resources and tools are most often functional medicine tools to help work toward the root causes of inflammation and pain. Tools may be endorsed by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) or include other published resources that are relevant to your health goals or recommended by your provider. As your health and wellness coach, however, I will not be recommending treatment protocols or supplements, although I will provide you with resources based on your interest.

What do I need from you?

• An understanding of “what’s your why” to improve your health and wellness

• A willingness to change in areas of health and wellness

• Commitment to determine the pieces of your health and wellness you would like to focus on and actively participate in each coaching session by being prepared and working on the specific measurable and achievable goals that we mutually agree upon between coaching sessions

• Honesty in our online sessions to help me understand where you need more support or we may need to determine together a different approach

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