Achieving Wellness: Where Your Attention Goes, Energy Flows

Let’s face it. Change is HARD! You may have great intentions of changing your life and improving your wellness. Have you ever started to make a change, only to find that your initial energy fizzles out? The problem may be that you are directing your attention to the wrong things, which can throw a wrench in achieving your wellness goals.

Well, why is that? I recently viewed a free 4-part series offered by Dr. Joe Dispenza after reading his book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.  In the free series, The Key to Experiencing Your Desired Future NOW he talked about where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Thoughts generate feelings that lead to behavior and actions. Thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions lead to behaviors that lead to results. Your body follows your mind. Your mind usually follows a predictable course, the known. For example, you wake up in the morning, you start thinking about your routine, whether it’s getting coffee or showering. Your body follows. Or your mind starts racing in anticipation of today’s events, like a meeting with your boss. The combination of mind and body, thoughts and feelings create your reality.

Your reality is what you know. Your outer world is your physical reality that’s made up of objects and things and people and places. When you shift your attention to the outer world, your energy flows away from YOU. Your inner world is your thoughts and feelings. To create new thoughts and feelings, you need to have your attention shift to quiet the focus on the outer world, allowing you to create something new.

Did you know that your thoughts and emotions have frequencies? Thoughts and feelings indeed generate frequencies. These can be very low-level frequencies, which are found in negative emotions such as anger, pain, fear, shame, guilt, or very high frequencies such as joy, peace, and love. We tend to hardwire certain feelings and thoughts in our memory. Emotions are energy in motion. Here’s what Dispenza says happens when you continually live in the thoughts and emotions of the past or your attention is on the outer world:

Negative Emotions Can Drain Your Energy
  • When you live in the past, your energy flows to the past.
  • When you shift your attention from one person to one problem to one thing to one place at one time, you’re activating those circuits in your brain that are associated with memories of all of those things.
  • The stronger the emotion, the greater the energy flow to this person, this thing. You actually can become addicted to experiencing these emotions and thoughts. Negative emotions can drain your energy reserves.
  • When you think of all the things you have to do, you are generating a predictable future.
  • By not living in the present moment, your energy is flowing away from you.
  • When you keep your attention on the known or predictable future, your energy flows to the known.
  • When you are stressed, your stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released. These are our emergency stress hormones. When you live in a state of chronic stress, you continue to release these emergency hormones, eventually becoming drained. In this state, these hormones may work to help you keep your life controlled and orderly, and predictable, which can make it difficult to move out of this state. You may even be addicted to being in this state of chronic stress. Eventually, however, you may become drained, with your hormones depleted and out of balance.
  • Living in a state of chronic stress can lead to unwanted symptoms of chronic stress and disease.

So, what’s wrong with this? Well, it is very hard to create a new reality if your energy is tied up in the past and not available to create something new. Especially if you are tying up 100% of your energy in thoughts and emotions of the past. You may want to change, but you may be stuck in the brain circuitry of negativity.

What if you want to change your behavior and go to the unknown, the area of possibility? What if you want to take a different approach to achieving a wellness goal? Well, start by focusing on the present. Providing attention to the present or on future possibilities of where you want your life to go, helps the energy flow to the areas of where you want attention to be. This is where a health coach can be very helpful to keep you on track to achieve your wellness goals. Here are some strategies to get unstuck and get your energy back:

  • Identify where you are stuck in the areas of life where you want to change to achieve your wellness goals.
  • Shift your attention away from thoughts and emotions of the past or predictable future, what is known. This will create space for energy to shift back to you.
  • Use meditation or another form of mindfulness that works for you such as positive affirmations, journaling, guided imagery, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT also called tapping). Meditation can help you shift your attention to the present.
  • Learn new information
  • Practice the new information.
  • Talk about the information you’ve learned and teach someone else. This will wire it into your brain.
  • Drive a new future by investing your attention and your energy into a new future, and you keep revisiting it every single day. Use an elevated emotion as energy to drive you to a new future.
Meditation Can Help You Shift Your Attention to the Present

For those that are looking concretely and materially, it can take time to move from one point of consciousness to another. So when people begin to create the life that they want and try to use matter to change matter, it’s going to take time. Dr. Dispenza works with people to train them how to get to what he calls the unified field, where they take attention off their body and go from a somebody to a nobody, or if it focuses on an object they go from something to nothing, or if it’s a place, somewhere to nowhere. That is what he refers to as falling in the present moment and connecting to what is called the unified field. He uses meditation to do this.

What is the advantage of getting to this unified field?

  • The heart and brain become more connected and coherent.
  • You begin to feel more whole and this has been shown in brain and heart scans.
  • You can elevate yourself beyond yourself, through awareness.
  • You change the frequency of your energy fields and you may feel connected to something greater.

So, open your focus and try it out. You can shift where your attention goes so that your energy flows to you. Put on some soft music. Try tapping. When you meditate and shift your attention away from your body, things, objects, emotions, and places, you may begin to connect with the unified field. In this way, you can harness the energy, change your energy fields, achieve your dreams, and even achieve a biological upgrade. Yes, you can change your health behaviors and achieve your wellness goals!


The Key to Experiencing Your Desired Future NOW. A Free 4-Part Series offered by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Hay House Online Learning, 2021.

Dispenza, Joe. Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon. Hay House, Inc., 2017.

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