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    Sleep Challenge Day 10

    Day 10 – Are you a sleeping superstar? 🤩 10by10sleepchallenge We’ve made it to Day 10 of the challenge and if you’ve been playing along, you likely are feeling better in your body, more balanced and healthier than before you started! I would love to know exactly what types of positive improvements you’ve noticed, let me know below 👇 This is your new baseline of health, and it can only go up from here! Now that you’ve established a better…

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  • Sleep Challenge Day 9

    Day 9 – 3 reasons why you shouldn’t exercise in the evening 10by10sleepchallenge When the sun rises increasing temperature and light, it signals the…

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  • Sleep Challenge Day 4

    Day 4 – Are your devices keeping you up at night? #10by10sleepchallenge Blue lights produced by electronics stimulate the nervous system and interrupt your…

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  • Sleep Challenge Day 2

    Day 2 – How to improve your sleep with natural light… #10by10sleepchallenge Getting natural light in the morning helps to balance your circadian (aka…

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