What does it take?

If you struggle with pain from inflammation outside of an acute injury, it’s likely that the root cause of your pain stems from diet and lifestyle and resulting inflammation and potentially diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, or autoimmune diseases.

While opioids may be useful for post-op and end of life pain, there are other integrative and holistic ways to reduce pain and inflammation that do not have the negative effects of these medications. If you are ready to change your health behaviors, you can be successful in reducing pain and inflammation.

In my experience, changing your health behaviors takes commitment, time, and patience. It requires coaching and support to address mind, body, spirit, and relationships/community. Many people struggle with taking action after they leave their provider’s office. Don’t expect a quick fix. Expect that there will be ups and downs. It takes working on the pieces of your health in manageable ways to achieve your inner peace and a higher state of wellness.

So, here’s my PxP formula: Peace [achieving reduced inflammation and pain] x Piece(s) [changing health behaviors]=Wellness

As a coach having background as a nurse with expertise in inflammation and pain, I am here to help you move from feeling hopeless to feeling more hopeful, and from being controlled by your pain, to more in control of your pain. Let’s get working on finding peace by identifying your goals to work on your health behaviors in manageable pieces!

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