Fix the Root Cause of Your Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases are a serious threat to health. Once you have one, your immune system tends to be chronically inflamed, and many end up with second, third or even more autoimmune diseases. Lives may be significantly compromised, and some people end up feeling hopeless, in excruciating pain, unable to manage day-to-day activities, and just want to give up. So, it is time to find and fix the root cause of your autoimmune disease.

Many people end up on a cycle of trial and error for years and years and cannot find a way out of the progression. We try one drug after another to manage our disease or our symptoms and just seem to feel sicker. Sometimes we may feel better for weeks, months, or years, but then, it comes back with a vengeance or we develop another autoimmune disease.  Traditional treatments do not provide a total cure or guarantee against new diseases.

Let’s put a stop to autoimmune disease progression! We can help our body with natural ways to heal and stop inflammation. Just how do we do this? Well, for starters, we should look beyond addressing a quick fix for managing symptoms or just taking prescription medication to treat the disease. Why? Well, for one, you may only be addressing the surface of the problem.

Let’s use the analogy of a tree. Autoimmune diseases are like the branches of the tree or what shows above ground. If we treat the branches or leaves of a diseased tree, the roots remain unaffected. If the roots are unhealthy, the tree can never become healthy and will often succumb to disease. So, look for and treat the root cause of your disease. We are all different, so what may be a root cause or what factors contribute to an individual’s disease varies.

Despite what disease or diseases show up above ground, there are some common root causes. However, the root cause for one person’s autoimmune disease is not necessarily the same for another person. When a tree is diseased, we need to look at what made it specifically susceptible to disease. Did it lack nutrients, water, or was it stressed? Fix and nourish the roots. This concept applies to people with autoimmune disease, and usually, it is not one root that we need to fix.

Just what are root causes of autoimmunity? We need to look for the source of inflammation and what has triggered our body’s immune system to attack itself. The source may be toxins, poor diet, negative thoughts, trauma, lack of exercise, inflammation, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, gut bugs, or any combination of things. While it may have started with one of these things, others may show up and perpetuate the cycle of chronic inflammation. And the sad part is that we may not have a clue.

So, what’s the bottom line to figuring out the root cause of your autoimmune issues? Test, don’t guess. Find out if you have underlying gut issues, hormonal imbalances, or accumulated toxin exposure. Work on getting these issues identified and work with a health coach to address diet, rest, stress reduction, and exercise strategies to improve your health. Although this approach may or may not cure your autoimmune disease, you will most certainly feel better, move better, and live better.

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