Stop the Cycle of Trial and Error

Are you stuck on your health journey? If you have chronic inflammation and pain and have been from one provider or clinic to the next, you may be on a cycle of trial and error. This can be so frustrating that you may want to scream…STOP! Here’s how to get unstuck and stop that cycle.
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners (FDN-Ps) like me often encounter individuals who have been on this cycle of trial and error. What are the signs of being on this cycle:
  • Going to multiple providers without success to get to the health outcomes you are seeking.
  • Having test after test and your provider looks to treat the test results and not you, aka they don’t seem to be listening.
  • Your medication list is growing and you may even experience more symptoms that are due to medication side effects.
  • Feeling like your body is being addressed in parts and not the whole YOU.
  • Feeling trapped or stuck and unable to make progress reaching your health goals.

If you feel that your body is running away from you, you may be experiencing Metabolic Chaos®. This is where one or more of your organ systems are stressed and out of balance. As an FDN-P, I am trained to do the detective work with functional laboratory tests and client surveys to identify which system(s) are imbalanced and then, use natural protocols to help rebalance them.

When your systems are stressed, they may often be hidden to you as to where the issues are coming from. Over time, stress on these systems can ultimately lead to disease and symptoms. These stressed systems are what FDNs identify as H.I.D.D.E.N. and are the areas that FDNs investigate to see where the underlying imbalances are coming from. These include:

  • H=Hormone
  • I=Immune
  • D=Digestion
  • D=Detoxification
  • E=Energy Production
  • N=Nervous System

Once the areas of imbalance are identified through functional lab testing, FDNs help clients with individualized natural protocols for diet, rest, exercise, stress management, and natural supplementation to rebalance their bodies. Often, multiple systems may be imbalanced, leading to Metabolic Chaos®.

Retesting helps individuals see how these approaches are working. So, if you want to get off that cycle of trial and error, consider working with me to explore where imbalances may be setting you up for disease and symptoms. Get your free discovery call here.

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