The 2 Secret Formulas to Achieving Your Health Goals

I’d like to share with you 2 secret formulas for achieving your health goals.

The first formula I borrowed from Tim Gallwey shared in a book titled, “The Inner Game of Work”. The formula is applicable to your health…because your health, like your work and your relationships, is WORK! Here’s the formula:



Basically, translating this formula to your health goals, states that your Performance [achieving your health goals] is equal to your potential [what you are capable of] minus interference [barriers, obstacles]. Consider your performance as your health goals or objective. Most of us have great potential and never quite achieve the potential or level of health that we are capable of. Why? Well, we have interference. Interference represents the collective obstacles or barriers to achieving your potential. Not surprising, is it? This is completely NORMAL! We all set goals, especially for the New Year and most often we start to slide on these goals, letting the noise of interference take over. Interference may include barriers such as excuses, sugar addictions, inattention, lack of specific goals, and more.

So, how can we address the interference? This is where the second formula comes in. This is the formula that represents Peace x Piece Wellness Coaching (PxP). The PxP logo represents the formula:

Peace [Your journey and commitment to a personalized peace protocol to reduce inflammation and painx Piece(s) [labs, assessments, steps to change health behaviors]=Wellness [achieving reduced inflammation and pain & overall improvement in health]


Peace x piece(s) =Wellness

The formula represents the various factors, including Peace multiplied by pieces [changing health behaviors in manageable pieces] equaling your level of Wellness [Feel better, move better, live better]. Peace can be achieved by various health strategies based on your individual factors and addressing these factors in manageable pieces so that you can be successful in achieving your desired health goals and level of wellness.

The moral to the story behind providing these formulas is that we all have interference–those things that get in the way–of our health goals. So, the secret formulas are the secret sauce to addressing the interference, tapping into your highest potential, and achieving your health goals in manageable pieces.

Find peace from inflammation and pain one piece at a time through health coaching. PxP wellness coaching might just be the right formula to give you the edge you need. Coaching provides encouragement and support to address those interferences and achieve your highest potential and health goals/outcomes.

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