Overcoming Resistance to Change Through Perseverance

Here’s a little positive affirmation I’d like to share to help you with overcoming resistance and get you through challenging times:

I overcome obstacles through perseverance.

I face obstacles at every turn, but they fail to deter me. My courage gives me the stamina to carry on through rainstorms and dark clouds. It is true what they say: when it rains, it pours. However, I refuse to allow this to dampen my spirit. Instead, I choose to press on through the difficulties, overcoming resistance.

Overcoming obstacles and resistance to change is important to persevering through challenging times.
Overcoming Obstacles is Important to Persevering Through Change

I understand that everyone faces difficulties in their life including overcoming resistance to change, including me. Even though my life is unique to myself and there is no one else in my shoes, I seek comfort in the fact that a thousand others before me have been in similar situations and have been able to overcome adversity and persevere through change. I ask my inner self whether it’s more important to finish the race or stop halfway through it. I ask whether it’s better to finish — no matter how long it takes — than to give up. For what can be gained by giving up other than disappointment and regret?

I have made my decision: to carry on and carry on with strength and grace, overcoming obstacles and resistance to change. I will choose to ignore the noise and obstacles that seek to impede my progress. Today, I face barriers, inconveniences, mishaps, and disappointments with faith, courage, and perseverance. I act as solid as a rock, letting nothing get in the way of my success. Barriers and obstacles may test my resolve, but I choose to use my willpower, choosing perseverance and overcoming resistance to make progress toward my goals.

Here’s how to overcome resistance to change.

Self-Reflection Questions For Overcoming Resistance:

1. What specific obstacles am I currently facing at work or in my personal life?

2. How can I “tune out” the noise in my life and stay focused?

3. How can I keep track of my daily progress toward my goals?

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