How to Make Sure Your Supplements Are Safe to Consume

Are you looking to take supplements as part of your health and well-being routine? Supplements can offer our bodies nutrition that we may not be able to get from food sources alone. But how do you determine which supplements are best for you and safe to consume?

Most people are not aware that the FDA plays an important role in regulating the supplement industry. It is responsible for ensuring that all supplements meet certain standards of quality, safety, and accuracy. To ensure these standards are met, supplement companies must submit a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to the FDA with each new product they enter into the market. This document contains detailed information on how the product was manufactured and tested, as well as any potential risks associated with taking it.  Additionally, COAs will include information about any contaminants or other substances found in the supplement, which can be critical for people with allergies or sensitivities.

The FDA reviews the COA before allowing a new supplement to be sold to consumers. COAs provide valuable information about the safety, efficacy, and quality of products. This process helps guarantee that only high-quality supplements reach store shelves. Additionally, the FDA also monitors existing products for compliance with federal regulations and can take action against manufacturers if their products are found to be unsafe or ineffective. By taking these measures, the FDA helps to ensure that customers can feel confident when they buy supplements. 

It’s important to understand the certifications behind a supplement product. Make sure that the company has the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification so that you know their products meet quality standards. You can also ask a supplement company for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each product since this document provides evidence of the supplement’s safety and efficacy through third-party testing.

Assure that your supplements have been tested for safety

Finding high-quality supplements is an essential step in ensuring your health and well-being. Visit a supplement company’s website to find out information about their product(s). Researching certificates of analysis and other certifications can help you make a safe, informed decision when it comes to selecting supplements. With the right knowledge and product selection, you’ll be able to find quality supplements that meet your needs.

Practitioners, especially those in the functional medicine space, usually have online dispensaries which carry and provide access to verified high quality, certified supplements. This allows practitioners to support their clients with recommended supplement products and protocols to address their individual needs online or for practitioners to buy bulk products to carry in their clinics.

Unfortunately, as many people purchase their supplements from large chain physical or online stores that sell a large variety of merchandise, it is especially important to be discerning of supplement quality, certifications, and ingredients when buying from these sites. One concern of obtaining a supplement product that comes through a large online site is that, unless it’s coming directly from a supplement company’s store, it may potentially be a “knockoff” of what you are intending on purchasing. Also, if the product is coming from the online distributor directly, such sites may not store or transport the product appropriately, exposing them to heat or conditions that may affect their stability.

While supplements can seem to be appealing due to attractive marketing campaigns, the bottom line is trying to figure out if you really need them. While many practitioners may have some general supplement recommendations, functional lab testing such as testing nutrient levels in your body, can help you get an accurate picture of your current vitamins and mineral levels. Other types of functional lab tests can identify other metabolic imbalances in your body. This helps practitioners recommend specific dosages of quality supplements based on your individual needs so you can reach your health goals safely and effectively. So if you’re looking to supplement your diet, functional lab tests should be the first step in finding the right supplement for you! 

Through functional lab testing as well as researching and verifying supplement certifications and COAs, or working with a practitioner experienced in supplements, you know that you’re getting safe, high-quality products that provide real benefits to address your physical needs. Do what’s best for your health – don’t settle for anything less…make sure that your supplements are safe for you and safe to consume!

Having a supplement certification, and access to high-quality supplements through my dispensary, I am confident in the high quality of the supplements that I provide to my clients. For more information on testing and supplementation, get your free discovery call.

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