Love, Peace, and Wellness

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day…a good day to share love with others and also to love yourself! So it’s timely to talk about steps you can take to do this. 

#1 What’s your (or your loved one’s) current state of health and wellness? This is not just about your physical body. Rather, how do you feel about areas of mind, body, spirit, and relationships/community? At Peace x Piece Wellness Coaching LLC, any or all these areas may be opportunities where clients may need coaching support. 

#2 Why are you interested in making a change in health behaviorsIt is really important to know your “why”. Reflect on why this change is important to you? What will it provide for you if you are successful in achieving change, eg more active time with children or grandchildren, ability to achieve a specific milestone that you are setting out to do, etc. 

#3 Where are you ready to make change to work on pieces of your health and wellness and in what areas? Think about where you really are motivated to take steps to change. This may take some coaching support to help you determine and frame up the specific steps that will help you be successful in achieving a better state of wellness peace. 

#4 Take actionWe often fail in taking or sustaining the action(s) we try to take to improve our health. A health coach can help support you in guiding you in developing specific actions/goals and keeping on track.  

#5 Love yourself and others. Showing love and forgiveness helps us to be able to keep moving forward toward of goal of achieving wellness peace. It is important to understand that our health and wellness journey is usually not a perfect linear process, so we often have bumps in the road and need support to get back on the road. A coach can help you get back on track and provide encouragement and positive support. 

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