Life Changes…Here’s How to Pick Up the Pieces

Life throws us all sorts of curveballs. We’ve all heard that “change is constant”. Well, some changes we can readily adapt to, and others…not so much. Why does this happen? Well, most of us have an inner reserve that helps our mind, body, spirit, and relationships navigate change. That said, sometimes life changes whether, in health, career, relationships, or finances can be so significant that the loss can be temporarily overwhelming or even permanently set us back. It may not just be one significant change, but a series of changes that ultimately may put us over the tipping point, and into overwhelm. This is when you may need to pick up the pieces of your life through understanding the reality of what is changing or needs to change. This is also when you may need to reach for support to navigate the stress of change with a health coach.

Here are some tips for how to pick up the pieces of life change and keep your mind, body, spirit, and relationships on track.

  1. Make a pact with yourself to better understand the change:
  2. What is factual about what the change means?
  3. What are your emotional reactions (fear, anxiety, loss, anger, etc.)?
  4. Acknowledge and validate the emotions you are feeling.
  5. Do your emotional reactions seem to match the level of the reality of the change?
  • Consider what has helped in the past or may work to help address the change:
    • Process your emotions and feelings-Journal your feelings or even say them out loud to yourself or a trusted family member or friend.
    • Tap into your inner character strengths-Maybe your strengths are that you love learning or you are creative, brave, fair or have remarkable perseverance, gratitude, humor, or hope. How can you use your inner strengths best to address change?
    • Use mindfulness techniques to stay in the present moment to help your mind not wander to the fear of the future or dwell in any negative past emotions.
    • Positive self-messaging- Maybe even positive inspirational quotes whether you post them on your mirror or fridge.
    • Use self-care strategies-What self-care strategies help to support you? Generally a good diet and adequate exercise, rest, sleep, and stress-reduction techniques that you can commit to helping manage the stress of change.
    • Resources-What books, courses, information is out there that can help you positively move forward to address how to get through the change?
    • Support- Who is in your “camp” and can best support you?
      • Stay away from talking about the change with people that drag you down and reinforce the negative aspects of the change and who aren’t willing to provide positive support and messaging.
      • Select good listeners who acknowledge your feelings and situation, but can help you get “unstuck”.
      • Get professional help whether it is counseling or coaching or both
  • Identify the steps you need to take-Develop strategies and goals that work
    • Identify your why you want to make a change
    • Write down the small achievable goals that you are willing to take to get unstuck and can help you move forward.
    • Commit to re-energize and re-focus to help you move forward with the change
    • Celebrate the goals you have achieved
    • Re-evaluate your progress
      • Are you taking the steps to move forward? What are the concrete steps and goals that demonstrate this?
      • Are you moving forward through change and are you better able to manage the through the overwhelm of emotions?
Identify Why You Want to Make a Change

Big changes take both inner and outer focus to work through the impact of reality and emotion.

A coach can help you navigate the stress of change, evaluate and tap into your inner strengths, and provide support and encouragement to help you move forward. To pick up the pieces from the fallout of change, professional resources and support such as health coaching can help you find the peace that you need to move forward in your life.

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