From Soup to Nuts: Finding the Right Recipe for Your Health

The old phrase, from “soup to nuts” meant from the beginning to end. This phrase came from the various courses that were traditionally served during dinner. Families and guests took their time socializing during and between courses during their meals. Etiquette was required; when and how you ate required some precise skills and manners.

Today, we are often rushed to get to the next activity. People who eat quickly don’t chew their food enough, swallowing large pieces of food which don’t allow adequate digestion and nutrient absorption. On top of that, we don’t eat real food and many meals are processed foods, high in carbohydrates, lacking the rainbow of colors that we find in fresh fruits and vegetables. Meats that we consume most often are not organic or grass-fed and contain antibiotics and hormones that may contribute to health issues. Nuts, which contain good quality fats and protein are often ignored as a snack choice.

Our current health status is a combination of both our genes and environment, but the environment really determines whether those genes are expressed and whether we develop the disease. The good news is that we can influence what we eat to a great degree, and therefore have significant control over our own health. However, it is important to understand our current level of health and individual health factors to find the right recipe for our personal health journey. Food is medicine, as long as it is the right food for the right individual.

To get the right recipe for health, here are some things that you should consider:

  • Use quality, organic ingredients.
  • Prepare your own food or find good quality organic food sources.
  • Put away electronics at mealtime.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully as well as chew thoroughly to savor the flavor of the foods. This also helps promote digestion as well as earlier satiety, meaning that your feel full and satisfied with the amount of food consumed.
  • Eat with others and discuss pleasant (not stressful) topics.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms or disease, connect with a functional medicine practitioner and/or health coach to gain a better understanding of your personal health factors and opportunities for improving your health. You may not have the right percentages of macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) or enough macronutrients. It’s also posssible that you may have gut pathogens, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, or toxin accumulation that you may not even be aware of.
  • Decide on what your priority health goals are and develop specific goals that you would like to achieve.
  • Get the support you need with a personal health coach to be successful going from “soup to nuts”, the beginning to end of your journey to better health.

Mindful Eating Promotes Digestion and Satiety

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