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There’s Peace of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Relationships

Several dimensions, including mind, body, spirit, and relationships contribute to your health. Only you can decide on the pieces of health where you feel you need more attention. The challenge often may be that you find yourself developing those New Year’s goals and then lose the energy and enthusiasm to address them within one or two months.

Health and wellness most often require diet and lifestyle changes as well as desire, commitment, focus, resources and support. That’s where health coaching comes in. You supply the desire and commitment. As coach, I help you with the focus, resources, and support. Coaching is designed to leverage your personal strengths to fuel your desire and commitment. Coaching includes regular check ins on progress. This all takes prioritizing your health in manageable pieces.

Unfortunately, your annual goals and annual physical is not enough. Chronic inattention to your dimensions of health, which include a balanced diet and lifestyle lead to inflammation and diseases of inflammation. Health coaching prioritizes you as an individual, your individual health concerns and goals, and co-develops with you a personalized, individualized plan. By intentionally identifying those areas you want to focus (mind, body, spirit, and/or relationships) through coaching, you can help reduce the physical and emotional stress that can contribute to inflammation, pain, or disease.

Your health is worth more than that once a year reflection. Make a commitment to take the journey to prioritize your health in manageable pieces and achieve your desired outcomes.

Peace in Wellness in 2020!

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