14 Day Healthy Habits Challenge-Day 9

Take 5 to stretch it out!

The general rule of thumb is that you should stretch twice as much as you workout! Say what???

Even if you don’t workout you should be stretching. If you think about it our bodies are crammed in cars, stuck at a desk and burdened with the daily tasks of life all day long. All of these things shorten our muscles, set us up for injury and jam up the flow of fluids in our bodies causing inflammation and all sorts of muscle and joint issues.

Taking a few minutes to stretch each day can…

♥️ Increase the blood flow and oxygen to all parts of our body

♥️ Flush out inflammation, arthritis, aches and pains

♥️ Prevent injuries, improve posture, keep the spine aligned and nerve pathways open

I use active stretching to warm up for my workout and enjoy yoga and Qi Gong at least weekly.

As part of the challenge start taking at least 5 minutes every day to stretch and practice this habit for the next 14 days to improve health and feel your best! 

Share your progress or biggest takeaway on my daily posts for a chance to 🎉 WIN 3 FREE COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME!!! 🎉

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