14-Day Healthy Habits Challenge-Day 8

Get grounded! It does a body good 🙂

It’s important to control the variables that you can when it comes to your health, and for the ones that you can’t,  it’s about doing something to reduce or offset the impact. That’s why my approach is called Peace x Piece. It’s important to approach changing your health behaviors in manageable pieces.

While, for example, we can’t control when our boss gets upset, exposure to toxins in our environment that we can’t see, feel or smell and the amount of electromagnetic frequencies we come in contact with daily from all kinds of devices.

BUT one of the things you can do to offset the impact of these uncontrollable variables is called GROUNDING or EARTHING…

Grounding / Earthing is the act of putting your physical body in contact with the earth and it helps to…

👌 Low cortisol our stress hormone

👌 Balance our energy and vibrational frequency

👌 Reduce anxiety and depression

👌 Offset exposure to electromagnetic fields and toxins

I ground daily by being barefoot as much as possible. I find that it helps my arthritis in my feet…and I even found some shoes that simulate being barefoot.

Here’s how you can get grounded in just a few quick minutes…

👣 Take your shoes off as soon as you get home (ladies this is especially good for you)

👣 Lay down or put your feet in the grass

👣 If you’re adventurous, get a grounding mat for your office chair, a Himalayan Salt Lamp or even grounding sheets for your bed

As part of the challenge start getting grounded today and practice this habit for the next 14 days to improve health and feel your best! 

Share your progress or biggest takeaway on my daily posts for a chance to 🎉 WIN 3 FREE COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME!!! 🎉

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