14 Day Healthy Habits Challenge-Day 14

Time to call it quits!

This last daily habit is a perfect way to wrap up the challenge… today is all about creating work-life balance.

In today’s world it is SO easy to bring work home with us, or now with most working from home to keep working into the evening… but it is not healthy physically or emotionally. Work takes away time from taking care of ourselves and from spending quality time with loved ones.

When we constantly work (take calls, check emails, finish projects) at home we are…

😬 Fueling the stress response

😬 Creating cortisol imbalance

😬 Increasing susceptibility to colds, flu, and even gut bugs

A recent study on primal sleep patterns showed that it is our nature to shut down work once the sun goes down and spend 2-3 hours bonding with loved ones before bed. This bonding time releases oxytocin, a hormone which helps to balance other hormones.

Starting today how can you create better boundaries when it comes to work and home life?

Try blocking your schedule in the evenings and or on the weekend or whatever works best to assure downtime. I like blocking my calendar to build in time for family and to take walks or exercise and refuel my energy. And don’t sacrifice sleep to build more time into your day!

Taking breaks from work every hour or so to stretch or grab a glass of water is good practice, too. Implementing schedule blocks and taking breaks from work can make you more productive with the time you are working. Try it!

As part of the challenge pick a boundary with work that will allow you to be more present at home. Practice this habit for the next 14 days to improve health and feel your best!

Share your progress or biggest takeaway on my daily posts for a chance to 🎉 WIN 3 FREE COACHING SESSIONS WITH ME!!! 🎉

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